World-Renowned Advertising Expert Reveals His Advertising Framework — for the First Time:
After years of struggle, I finally discovered the keys to consistently winning at advertising. In this book are the keys that will unlock unlimited customers, clients, and profits WITHOUT the guesswork… 
This is the book I wish I had when starting out in advertising, and today you can get it for JUST $1.99...
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Hey, I’m Chris Evans, co-founder of Traffic & Funnels… and I’m about to be your best friend…

Today I want to offer you the “keys to the advertising kingdom.” To show you how to create the requisite income for whatever you want in life through the power of paid traffic.

Now, if you’re wondering what gives me the right to make such a bold claim in the first place...

Allow me to share a few quick facts about me...
I was among a select few of the top paid traffic experts invited to the Masters of Media Buying Mastermind, a private event held by Todd Brown and Agora early 2019.
Last month I was invited to Facebook HQ Austin, TX to meet with data science and compliance teams and learn what’s in the future for the platform. (Perks of consistently spending a lot on ads)
My biz partner, Taylor, and I invest multiple six-figures each year for mentorship and masterminds with the smartest people in business and advertising - constantly improving all that we do.
Not Only That, I’ve Got Over
 $3.5MM In Adspend To My Name
In fact, successfully launching and scaling new ad campaigns on Facebook and Google played an integral role in scaling just one of my companies from $500k/mo during Q4 2018… 

...to $1MM/mo by end of Q1 2019… 

...and right now it's on pace to hit $2MM/mo in revenue over the coming months...

Now, by no means am I claiming you’ll experience similar growth. What I am saying is: 
Without The Advertising Concepts & Principles I’m About To Give You, We Would NOT Have Even A Fraction of the Success We Enjoy Today
So before I tell you any more about this book and why we’re offering it for FREE, let me tell you…
What You’re NOT Going To Learn Inside This Book:
  • How to setup and configure a Facebook pixel (you don’t need to pay anyone for that - you can Google how to do that for free)
  •  Tactics, strategies and hacks that won’t work a month from now… let alone a year (this book is timeless, taken from the coveted halls of the largest advertising platforms in the world)
  •  Ways to “game the system” that’ll wind up with your ad account getting banned (FB HQ rated our ad accounts as some of the healthiest in the biz)
That wouldn’t be serving you when I have something far more valuable to give...

What I want to do today is completely shift the way you think about and approach your advertising forever. Giving you the tools that the top 1% of advertisers rely on to stay in the game with long-term consistency and predictability

...while the rest of the pack feel like they’re just throwing money in a well and wishing for customers or clients.

The thing is, most people are a lot closer than they think. It’s pretty crazy looking back on some of my early campaigns and realizing I was right on the verge of success...

But I was missing a couple key distinctions that would’ve flipped them into winners.

When you become an Intelligent Advertiser, you gain CONTROL of your business, your lead flow, your cashflow, your impact and your lifestyle...

It offers the freedom to “create” income that funds whatever it is you desire in your life.

Here’s just a few ways it’s transformed our lives...
  • ​ It’s been years since we worried about where our next client was going to come from...
  •   Earlier this year we signed a 7-figure office lease to grow our sales and operations teams in Nashville… and will soon be opening up a second office in Charlotte for our marketing team...
  •   My business partner hired a nanny a few months back and realized he hasn’t had to budget for anything in over 18 months
  •   Our sales team took a $30k trip to the Dominican Republic in April and it didn’t cost us a single cent...
  •   We’re funneling cash our business is producing into real estate assets to further protect everything we’ve built (we’re currently closing 3-6 houses a month). 
  •   We’re able to write big checks to support non-profits and causes we believe in...
  •   My family only flies first-class now - even for international trips...
  •   We have over 30 people on payroll (plus several contractors)… 
  •   We’re able to continually scale our ad spend which means we can acquire even more customers and clients each month...
  •   I was able to comfortably afford my dream home (pond and all)... and just bought another house on the lake...
  •   We were able to invest $120,000 for six months of mentorship with one of the most brilliant business minds of today (and have repeated that investment for nearly 2 years along with other high-level masterminds to gain even more of an edge)...
  •   Lots of trips with my family to Turks and Caicos 
None Of That Is To Brag. It’s To Illustrate What’s Possible For Anyone Who Taps The Full Power Of Advertising...
There was a time when I didn’t believe any of this would be possible for me.

See, I grew up in a blue collar family and we never had much money.

In fact, my family’s version of a vacation was throwing me and my brother in the back of a 2-door pickup — with a mattress and blankets — and driving 8 hours to my grandparents place in Tennessee... in the middle of a freezing winter.

Things have certainly changed.

Not only that, when you become an Intelligent Advertiser, you find yourself equipped to face anything...

It’s like the gear shifts into place and it all makes sense. Running paid media is no longer an anxious or emotional experience…

If Facebook or Google changed their algorithm tomorrow, my team and I would be able to respond accordingly...

So while everyone else is freaking out over how their ads stopped working or acquisition costs went through the roof, we’ll be making out like bandits.

But this is only possible when you have the correct way of THINKING about your advertising.

This handbook will give you that clarity.
“But Chris, Paid Advertising Is RISKY! 
I Don’t Want To Lose My Money”
If you walk outside your house, there’s a risk you’ll get hit by a car... 

Now, the odds are a lot higher if you’re strumbling across a busy road… but if you stick to the sidewalk, your chances of staying safe are pretty good.

But you could just never leave the house and never experience what life has to offer.

Investing in advertising is much the same. When you become an Intelligent Advertiser, you’re able to minimize your risk and protect yourself… while getting in position to reap all the rewards.

Not investing in advertising is like never stepping outside your house.
If You Want To Bide Your Time and Pay 
Your Dues - This Book Is NOT For You
Look, I got my advertising degree from the school of hard knocks… and I wasted years (and bundles of cash) figuring it all out.

My family suffered as I struggled to figure it all out (I distinctly remember being unable to afford diapers for my son Jacob)...

Starting nearly a decade ago when I started my first business (selling garage doors of all things)...

...then moving on to selling local services, info products for some well-known entrepreneurs, and eventually high-ticket consulting…

And while I endured a journey through hell and back to learn the critical pieces to predictably successful campaigns...

You don’t have to.

You can take the fast track.

Inside this book, I share some hard-won wisdom and distinctions that have unlocked the ability to consistently and predictably thrive with paid media... while the masses continue to get worked up over rising ad costs or how their ads stop working…
Here's A Taste Of What You’ll Learn 
Inside This New Advertising Handbook:
  •  The “Inverted Thinking” Roadmap We Used to hit Record Months! (without this it’s near impossible to move beyond those pesky glass ceilings) - see page 18 
  •  Why we haven’t paid for flights in four years… and are even able to fly first class internationally - for free! (Dave Ramsey would NOT approve)
  •  The "Tiers of Attention"​- when you “get” these it becomes effortless to construct different plans for reaching as many people as possible, as affordably as possible, while extracting the maximum (ethical) return. Starts on p. 14
  •  How we use "Financial IQ" to create opportunity whenever we want (leveraging this “financial intelligence” resulted in us taking a trip to the Dominican Republic - without spending a dime
  •  3 elements to “flipping” online attention for a profit (experienced business owners fail every day because they lack clarity right here - page 11)
  • ​What you must understand well BEFORE your fingers hit the keyboard to write an ad (surprising how many people still struggle with paid traffic because of this oversight) Page 11.
  • ​The simple principle that strips “perfection pressure” off your shoulders the first time launching any new offer, product or service (this alone will spare the need to throw a “pity party” and turn you into a better advertiser - see page 20)
  • ​How to win the game by RIGGING the numbers in your favor (crucial lessons on the economics of the most lucrative campaigns - starts page 9)
  • The 3 major pitfalls even experienced advertisers are guilty of making (simply eliminating these places you in the top 1%) Pages 19-21.
  • What a farmer can teach you about advertising… and how you can reap the harvest WITHOUT ever planting and nurturing the seeds
  • The 3 Critical Questions you must ask before pushing a new “campaign” to market (whether “paid” or “organic” - this ensures you’re set up for a slam dunk)
  • ​The underlying principle that will ultimately move your market to a place of “buy-in”
  • ​How to attract your best prospects into your funnel… and what you need to know to properly communicate to a cold market
  • ​The 4 steps you must follow as an Intelligent Advertiser to control your economic revenue engine (this is exactly what Taylor and I did when getting started) Flip to page 35
  • A guaranteed way to make ad writing a grueling, miserable experience (do the opposite and ad copy will flow from your fingertips)
  • ​The 4 “buckets” we use for all our companies and clients to build trust, rapport and authority (and the two to focus on if you’re just starting out)
  • A quick-start “jump off” point for your messaging so you can start engaging with your audience… and what to do if you don’t even know who your audience is yet (Hint: it’s NOT research)
  • Why you DON’T need a website or funnel when getting started with a new offer or audience… and the engine that really drives your audience to an “action decision”
  • The foolish financial blunder many entrepreneurs fall prey to after some big wins (this has allowed us to stay in the game while many have suffered career-ending blows) page 35
  • The crucial nuances of “float” and “cash flow economics” (and how playing with “house money” means you’ll never pay for travel and hotels again) revealed on page 37
  • The strategy of Hyper-Organic™ and how to get it rolling on any platform (this is like a steroid injection for your authority branding) p. 35
  • ​And a whole lot more...
Why Am I Selling this
Book For $1.99?
There’s no catch. No hidden fees or “continuity program.”

But there are a few reasons why I’m doing this...
It’s my MISSION to get this book into as many people’s hands as possible because of what advertising has done for us.

It’s completely transformed our lives and allowed us to experience things I never dreamed possible - and it has the potential to do the same for you when you grasp what the book shares.
Frankly, this is much needed. 

There are a lot of people struggling because they’re basing their advertising efforts off incomplete (or downright inaccurate) information and lack a clear way to move forward that keeps them in the game for more than just a few days or weeks.  

So when they do attempt something they don’t get the success that would fuel their business growth… 

Worst of all, after a couple of these misguided failures, many people simply give up on paid ads altogether - convinced it won’t work for them and that they’re just throwing their money away. 

I believe this should be mandatory reading before anyone even lays hand on an ad account because it sets you up to win. 
I want to start building a relationship. I know that once you learn what’s inside and shift the way you approach advertising (and start reaping the rewards)...

...you’ll be far more likely to buy other things from us and perhaps become a client at some point (and be in a far better position financially to do so).
Claim Your Copy Now 
While It’s Still Available
I’m not going to feed you some false scarcity here about running out of copies. 

We’ve all seen plenty of offers where somehow they still have just a few copies left after selling tens or even hundreds of thousands.

The reality is, whether this offer remains available for long depends ENTIRELY on the very concepts we reveal inside this book.

If at any point it doesn’t make sense, we’ll immediately pull it down. And if we do, there’s no saying when or even if this book will be made available again. At that point, the only way to learn any of this will be through our high-level client programs.

But even more importantly, there’s the opportunity cost.
Now Is The Time To Put The 
Pedal To The Metal My Friend
Here’s the thing: a big mistake people are making right now is they’re sleeping on the opportunity. 

The opportunity is NOT gonna be what it is in the near future. 

So if you’re sleeping, thinking, “oh, maybe I’ll figure it out in 6 months or a year from now”...

You’re gonna be in for a rude awakening.

It’s gonna be a bad day when that opportunity starts to get scarce and you realize you squandered it.

So you have to get aggressive NOW. Go all in NOW.

Stop playing small. Stop being scared. Go all the way.

Every moment and every dollar you spend on advertising without the concepts shared within The Intelligent Advertiser could be costing you more opportunity, revenue and growth than you can imagine.

And if you’ve been hesitant to run ads altogether - don’t blow the opportunity right before you…

The power of advertising - when you learn to control it - is completely superior to ANY other investment class you’ll find on this planet.

This book will flip a switch in your mind so you can finally harvest the tremendous wealth available and create the requisite income for whatever you want in life.

Plus - when you act now, you don’t risk a cent…
Risk Nothing With Our 90-Day 
100% Money Back Guarantee
I’m so convinced you’ll love this book (and the new opportunities it opens up for you) that I’m going to shoulder all the risk.

Here’s how it works: when you’re copy of The Intelligent Advertiser arrives in the mail, I want you to sit down with your beverage of choice and read it cover-to-cover. Mark it up with highlights and take copious notes.

Then plug what you discover inside the book into your business and see just how powerful this stuff can be (and how much EASIER advertising gets).

You’re either 100% thrilled with The Intelligent Advertiser and your bonus gifts, or I insist you create a support ticket or call my support team at (615) 953-9536 any time over the next 90 days, and I’ll promptly refund your $1.99. 

No questions. No hassles. 

That’s how confident I am that this is going to change the way you think about paid advertising from here on out.

If that sounds good... 
Here’s What To Do Next:
All you need to do to claim your copy of The Intelligent Advertiser today is fill out the secure order form on this page. 

Once that's done: you receive instant access to the DIGITAL and AUDIOBOOK versions of The Intelligent Advertiser… so you can start soaking in these lessons right away.

Can’t wait for you to dig into this one! It will completely change your relationship with advertising for good.

Chris Evans
Co-Founder, Traffic and Funnels
What Our Customers Have to Say:
P.S. Skimming, eh? Okay, let me sum up the deal for you real quick.

Today you’re getting the DIGITAL and AUDIOBOOK versions of our new book, The Intelligent Advertiser, sent straight to your inbox... and all you pay is the all-time low price of $1.99... No waiting on a physical copy - you can start diving in immediately. 

The value-packed handbook shares the framework behind our ongoing success with paid advertising. It’s what allows us to get consistent results and predictably scale our businesses. 

All for just $1.99. No hidden fees, continuities or anything like that. 

And if you don’t love it - we’ll refund your money. 

So if you’re ready to tap the full potential of your advertising, hit the button below and fill out the form. 
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